What HAVE these students been learning? #9

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June 24, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

By A. M., female, age 18.

In this media studies class the goal of the class was to help us become more media literate. The definition of media literate could be varied and everyone could have their own opinions and thoughts to what it is to be media literate.

To me, media literate is understanding the media. It is knowing what effects it can have on you and what the media does. A full understanding of the media is media literacy and perhaps coming out of this class we might not fully understand the media, but only just a taste, a bit, but we are more media literate.

I have learned throughout my time in this class many things that will be useful for my future career in movies or ads, as I want to be an actress. I have learned a lot about commercials, the way PSAs work and the difference between them both. Such as an ad is to advertise, while a PSA is to demonstrate or sell values. I have learned about movies and different camera angles, such as over the shoulder shots, high and low shots, long shots, close ups, etc. I have learned more about green screen and the 4 key concepts.

I have become more media literate this semester because I know things more people would not realize or understand or catch onto when watching a movie or and see what some companies are trying to sell us. I know the goals and steps into creating a TV show. I am more literate because I can weigh out issues and develop an awareness of the power of the media.

This semester has brought a lot of knowledge to me. I  know what it means to be media literate and I have learned a lot so I am a better part of the audience now.

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