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June 24, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

By A. Y., female, age 18

The media has such a huge impact on the lives of people everywhere. Most people are not even aware of it. Whether we know it or not, we are exposed to 3 000 ads per day. As well as some of the time in front of the TV or the Internet. The media plays such a huge role in our lives that its important as a society that we become media literate.

To be media literate is the same as being literate in any other area. As a consumer, we have to be critical of the media we are exposed to and understand exactly what we are seeing. I think everyone is a little wary of advertising, but imagine if everyone believed everything they saw in ads? 9/ 10 doctors agree, clinically proven, buy one get one free, all those weasel words used to sell to the consumers. If everyone believed all those words society would be throwing away money on fast moving consumer goods instead of saving it or spending it on things we really need.

I have become more media literate by actually paying attention the the media I am exposed to. I never paid close attention to the media before this class. However, now I am able to pick out editing in a commercial, things like weasel words and underlying messages and values in ads.

I have learned so much about media this year. I find there is so many unnoticeable, subliminal messages in media I am now able to pick them out. I learned about colours used in ads, camera shots, and even different meanings that different fonts have.

Overall, media literacy is a very important thing for people to have and I think society should be more educated about the media it is exposed to.


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