What HAVE these students been learning? 4

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June 24, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Q. C., male, 18.

The term media literate, to me, means that not only can you read the ads but you can see through what is being advertised. I can now see what is happening in the ads, and there is so much more than just the product being pitched.

I believe I have become more media literate than before. As we are watching TV I notice more things than before. I see codes and conventions, angles of the camera, rules of thirds, all things I would not have noticed before. I can’t see a shot of an interior of a car, such as when the cast of Big Bang Theory are sitting in the front seat, and not look for the rearview mirror.

I have learned many things about the media but the one that stands out the most to me is about the codes and conventions. Everything seems different from before, when you have somewhat of an understanding of these small things you used to just overlook. Some are essential to understanding the media.

In conclusion, it feels as if my eyes have been opening to see through all the value messages and false beliefs the advertisers are trying to sell us. I know for a fact that who ever coined the term “don’t sweat the small stuff” had not much to do with the media – because the small stuff is so important.

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