What HAVE students been learning in Media Studies? #11

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June 24, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

By K. G., female, age 18

The goal of this Media Studies class was to teach students to be media literate. This means that they are given learning skills they need to understand the media is a corporation with commercial interests, that the media has its own forms and conventions, that the media gives us ideologies and value messages, and finally that the media constructs reality. You need to apply all four of these key concepts to become media literate.

Prior to taking this class, I had never really thought about just how much of an effect the media has on our lives. As students, we are constantly bombarded by 3 000 ads every day. Whether we’re aware of it or not, the media plays a huge role in shaping the world around us. The four key concepts allows us realize the motives of the media.   It teaches people that yes, the media is a corporation and its values might not be ours.

By taking media studies, I have realized and gained an appreciation for how the media shapes the world we live in, the world and media we swim in.  By doing so, I have gained the insight needed to really understand the intent behind the media and in this way I have become truly media literate.

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