What HAVE students been learning in Media Studies? #10

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June 24, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

By D. P., male, age 18

When I first started taking this media studies class, I was told I would become more media literate. My understanding of the term media literate is being aware of the 3 000 we see every day. Not only do you have to be aware of them, you must understand subliminal messages, realize the various forms, codes, convention but also not let these ads influence your thoughts and beliefs.

I have become more media literate. I am proud to say so. I believe I have a heightened sense of the ads and the media I am surrounded by today.

When I see ads now, I actually think of who is the target audience for that particular ad. I also think of how much money this ad would have cost to make and to be placed in such a medium.

I am way more aware now of forms, codes and conventions. While watching TV especially I notice this. I understand why certain ads are playing on a certain channel or during a certain TV show: to reach a target audience.

Another aspect of being media literate is realizing when there is a construction of reality. Radio stations construct reality by pre-recording their shows, making you believe someone is in the station, when it is really all computerized digital media playing.

I believe I have bettered myself by taking this class and I have become more aware of the media around me. I am much more media literate.

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