What HAVE students been learning? 5

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June 24, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

E. C., female, age 18.

Media literate is when you can write about and understand the media more fully. I have become more media literate because I can read about the media, and read the media and understand it. As well as write about it.  I’m now more aware of the media around me, and especially the advertising.

This year I have learned about all the different types of media such as TV shows, films, movies, magazines and many more. I have learned about construction of reality, ideologies and values messages. How the media portrays males over females or whites over blacks. I’ve learned the media surrounds us wherever we go.

I honestly wasn’t aware of how much the media surrounds us until I took this class. I guess that’s like one of the quotes we learned about, where the fish doesn’t realize the medium it is swimming in until it is poisoned or had ink add it to, so that it can be seen. I wasn’t aware of how much the media surrounds us until after it was pointed out to me in this class.

Overall the thing I think that I’ve learned the most and that will stick with me forever is that media is everywhere, and you can’t get away from it.

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