McLuhan on Advertising

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April 5, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

by Alyssa Y.
The quote I chose was: “The ads are the best part of any magazine or newspaper. More pain, more thought, more wit and art, go into the making of an ad than into the prose feature of press or magazine. Ads are news.”
I think that quote is pretty straight forward. It is talking about all of the thought that goes into the making of ads in magazines, newspapers, etc. I completely agree with the quote because Marshall Mcluhan states that there is more thought, art, pain and wit in the making of the ads and I completely agree because when ads are made, they are made to sell products, whereas articles are made to inform or entertain, and they don’t need as much thought or manipulation to sell.
This quote relates to media studies because we look closely at the production of ads, the thought processes behind them, and their effect on the reader.

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