McLuhan: adding TV to classrooms would blow them to bits

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April 5, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

tv in classMarshall McLuhan Quote
Interpretation by Jordan B.
for my Marshall McLuhan I chose quote number 2
I think this quote could mean good and bad things but I think it mainly means good things the way he meant it to be.
     I think he meant for it to be, “if there was a TV in a class room it would blow everything to bits,” this part means that there would be so many things everywhere, different questions and different answers for every new question, It would never stop because in media you can look at so many things and have one mind set while if you set another person beside that person, chances are that person will not think the same thing as the other person.
          “The teaching process would be completely transformed:  it would be like bringing a Trojan Horse into the walls of Troy”  this is what I think is the negative part of the TV in the class room.
     if you were to bring in a TV to the class room then no one would pay attention, everyone would focus on the TV and hoping they are watching a movie somehow related to the subject they are learning. but sometimes it would bring up good subjects like, sexism and different ways to put some things out there for the public to be able to purchase or watch, its trying to put you into a lean-too tent, it wants you to buy what’s mainstream and through the nose for it but there are other products that are just as good and cost less, did you ever notice how many different toothpastes are “#1 recommended tooth paste in America”
  mcluhan-5301   so in summery, what I think he is trying to get at is the fact that if you were to bring a TV into a class room for teaching purposes there are positive and negative outcomes to doing so, you will either get a positive as in being able to learn about the different things the media is trying to bend into your life, or a negative outcome is trying to make you understand that there are no winners and you will pretty much never match up to anything beautiful like the celebrities in this commercial, but they are going to make you try and make you spend thousands trying to get there.
     and that is what I think of Marshall McLuhans quote:  “I would suggest that if you were to put a TV in the classroom, it would blow to bits.  The teaching process would be completely transformed:  it would be exactly like bringing a Trojan Horse into the walls of Troy.”

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