McLuhan: TVs could blow the classroom to bits

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March 19, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Understanding a Marshall McLuhan Quote

By Matthew M.

classroom1950The quote that I decided to interpret and make sense out of is his famous quote “I would suggest that if you were to put the TV in the classroom, it would blow the classroom to bits. The teaching processes would be completely transformed: it would be exactly like bringing the Trojan horse inside the walls of Troy”. I chose this quote because it is two sided when it comes to how you look at it in reference to his time period and our modern day society. This quote can be argued in many ways as different people have different views on how they interpret it.

Viewing this quote in his time period, I believe that this quote means that trying to teach with a TV in the classroom would be pointless. As Television is becoming the new big thing around this time, people in the classroom wouldn’t want to read books and learn new things if there was a TV in the classroom. In today’s society, since TV is a norm, people will tend to read books to get their imagination flowing instead of watching TV because the shows that are played have almost no differences so therefore can be boring. I do agree with McLuhan because it can cause students to lose focus on the subject at hand and just focus on the TV.

This quote relates to media studies because during the 1960’s families taught their kids to conform and not to ask questions, while in school no matter in what time period teachers want the student’s opinions on things and so arguments would start if they were to discuss the media in any form or way, especially since it was a time where the civil rights movement and the women’s movement was going on. In modern times, people are more relaxed about certain things, but people will argue over the media. People would have gotten into fist fights over the media back when it came out when watching the news about the gay movement and the civil rights movement and then having opinions based upon it.


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