McLuhan on “The wired plant”

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March 19, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Marshall McLuhan
Matthew B.
March 18th 2013

The quote I chose to interpret was “The wired plant has no boundaries and no monopolies of knowledge”. I chose this quote mostly because I found it to be quite fascinating, and filled with content which can be analyzed.

McLuhan 3The best way to tell what this quote means is to break it down into several parts. The first portion of the quote, “The wired plant”, is a metaphor comparing media to a plant. Plants and the media have many similarities, such as their ability to grow, change, and adapt. Media is constantly progressing, or evolving, and is being considered a living organism. The second part of the quote, “has no boundaries“ expresses how media does not hold back when expressing information. Anything which the media can get a hold upon, it will exploit to the fullest. The media has no boundaries as to which facts or fiction it can display to viewers. The last part of the quote, “and no monopolies of knowledge“ states that the media is not controlled by one source. The media is not controlled by one source, but rather is spread through countless different sources. I agree with this quote by Marshall McLuhan, and find it quite truthful of the media.
This quote relates to media studies based on the idea that this whole quote is referring to media as a whole. Media Studies analyzes the concept of media, and its ever-changing form. Seeing as the quote is a metaphor for the media, the quote fits perfect into the study of media.

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