McLuhan: Ads are the best part of any magazine or newspaper

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March 19, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Mar 18th 2013

Marshall McLuhan Assignment
by Frank M

media“Ads are the best part of any magazine or newspaper. More pain and thought, more wit and art, go into the making of an ad than into the prose feature of press or magazines. Ads are news”
With this quote I believe Marshall McLuhan is saying that ads can be a very effective social commentary. They really show where the human race is at and what its priorities are. All the “pain and thought” and “wit and art” that people put into advertisements, into potentially dishonest ways of making money, show that we can care more about profit than honesty and integrity. In this way “ads are news” because they tell us more about ourselves than most events that are reported on. They can represent where we are as a culture.
If I’ve interpreted Mr. McLuhan’s words correctly then I definitely agree with him that ads can be viewed as a social commentary. If you look at ads through history you can see them slowly becoming more dishonest. Especially recently after laws have been put in place to control truthfulness in advertising. Some advertisers have just gotten more creative at lying.
Now, I don’t believe this holds true for all advertising. Sometimes ads can be a positive representation of society. Like the Old Spice Guy ads, or the Terry Tate ads. Those commercials are hilarious! They make me want to buy old spice and they don’t make any (serious) untrue claims. They just make me laugh. I like that some marketers have found out that humor can be a very effective persuasive element in ads. It gives me hope that everyone can benefit without dishonesty.

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