McLuhan: Ads are best part

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March 19, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Marshall McLuhan

by Emily S.
The quote that I chose was: “The ads are the best part of any magazine or newspaper. More pain and thought, more wit and art, go into the making of an ad then into the prose feature of press or magazine. Ads are news.” I chose this quote because I find ads very interesting and have always believed that advertisement plays a huge and clever role in our society. Just the fact that McLuhan was discussing the importance of ads in today’s society is what made me interested enough to make me think about this quote.
nyc adsI think that this quote means that ads tell us more about what is going on in society than the actual articles of a magazine or newspaper. What it seemed like he was trying to get across is that advertisers do more research on what is the latest trend development in whatever product or service they are trying to market. The fact that so much research goes into each ad may even mean that it tells more about the way our society is run because instead of just focusing on one detail and going with it like articles do. Ads look at every single detail because they have to, to sell the product. When he said that ads are news I think that he meant that just by seeing how companies are marketing we can tell a lot about what their extensive research has shown about how most of our society works.
This quote relates to media studies because it relates to advertisements which are a huge part of the media. A lot of the media is controlled by advertisements because they are what pay for the entertainment. Even an ad itself is media because it is a means of mass communication which is exactly what media is. Advertisers want to get their product ideas across to the largest amount of consumers that fit their target market and in doing this they make up a huge part of what we are seeing everywhere we go. If it weren’t for advertising we probably wouldn’t have TV, magazines or newspapers because the way that they make money is from advertisements.

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